Our team

YaShfeen Al-Haditha is ranked among the top ten companies operating in the Libyan market in terms of the strength and quality of its marketing and sales team. The team operates with high expertise in all Libyan cities. Shefwin Al-Haditha has 3 professional teams in the field of marketing and sales, as well as a specialized team for quality control.


Dr/Ahmed Aboudheir Chief Executive Officer
Dr/ Mohammed Ragab General Manager

Dedicated team

Shefwin Al-Haditha’s quality control team, composed of highly experienced doctors and pharmacists, ensures the quality of our products. The team monitors the health, storage, validity, and suppliers of our products.

Sales Team

The sales team at Yafsheen  Alhaditha Company is highly experienced. The sales team for Yashfin Modern Company promotes and sells medical products to hospitals, pharmacies and other health care providers. The team employs more than 88 distributors in 5 branches in various cities.

Marketing team

The marketing team at Yafsheen  Alhaditha Company is highly experienced. The team promotes medical products to hospitals, pharmacies, and other healthcare providers, and introduces the local market to our products. The team has more than 25 professional marketers working on different social media platforms

About Yashfeen

The company works to import medicines, equipment, medical supplies, and maternal and child supplies. The company aims to provide high-quality products to contribute to the advancement of health services. According to this principle, the company works to choose its agency carefully and precisely according to European and American specifications in order to cover the most important needs of the health sector.

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