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We provide the best services to our agents

We are well aware of the importance of the continuous presence of the products we offer in the markets to cover the needs of the local market. Therefore, we support our agents with integrated services that help them to be successful and to be a reliable supplier company.

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We cover the needs of health institutions efficiently

We work in an integrated and modern manner internally, as the company has teams of representatives, marketers and doctors who work in coordination to cover your needs and ensure the continued presence of our products and their availability to medical institutions, in addition to having equipped medical stores and means of transport equipped to transport medicine properly and in accordance with medical standards. Globalism

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Since our inception, we have been keen to provide the needs of medical and health institutions from the best international companies and leaders in the field

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Libyan market

Yashfin Modern Company covers all major cities in Libya, as the company owns five main branches, in addition to more than 88 distributors to cover all Libyan cities. The company’s branches are in:

  • Tripoli (main branch)
  • Misurata branch
  • Sebha branch
  • Benghazi branch
  • Tobruk branch






About Yashfeen

The company works to import medicines, equipment, medical supplies, and maternal and child supplies. The company aims to provide high-quality products to contribute to the advancement of health services. According to this principle, the company works to choose its agency carefully and precisely according to European and American specifications in order to cover the most important needs of the health sector.

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